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Introduction to the themes of these posts

Reading and Scribbling.

Unfinished houses

Reading and scribbling: the story

Nouns and verbs

Detritus in the road

Aristotle gave Herclitus a bum rap


To present

Wake up

OCD Philology

Everybody has one.

Hume’s toe.

It’s Santideva, not Dale Carnegie.  Positive force, not positive attitude.

What’s up.

That’s why I write.


The Three Kiss-offs

The three kiss-offs: what happened

The team: three kiss-offs backstory #1

The fly-by: three kiss-offs backstory #2

The trifecta: three kiss-offs backstory #3

Somatic pain

Visceral pain

Mud and not a drop of water.

From the pain of aphasia to the aphasia of pain

Is pain inevitable and suffering optional?

Imagining and ordering pain, suffering, and illness.

Thinking can be dangerous to your health.

Whoever you are, I love you.

Whoever you are, I love you: the story

Carboplatin and hanging on for dear life

Anne Mei’s Mother.

Index finger.


The one and only Anne Mei.

Things and who we were, are and become.



The merely individual, subjective claim to dignity is an empty academic game, or madness. Jean Améry



I will miss you.

I will miss you: the story.


Spring comes.


My dear grief.

Spring Lake after Hurricane Sandy.

When does grief become memory?

Ananda wept.


So much packing and transport.

A day in June.

No skin.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

Sometimes we remember the future.

Forgiveness is magical thinking that reverses time.

Forgiving is not about or for the other person, until it is.

Time is the longest distance between two points.


Driving under the influence of Dunkin’ Donuts

Driving with no hands: the backstory.

Driving under the influence: the story

Whip Whittaker

Our Lady of the R7

It is what it is.

Four noble truths, eightfold path

Thank you for not singing.

Could you use the other lip?

Death will be surprised.

What are the odds?

We can always start over.


The anthropocene age

Warblers and cowbirds

Sophie’s Fallacy

Worth and dignity.

The Emperor of Ice Cream

The joy of effort

Yes!  How do we describe joy?

If only Nietzsche and Schopenhauer had read how the Buddha gets to joyfully open

I still wonder why I’m here, and that’s fine.

Resenting someone means trying to do two things you can’t do: return to the past and undo what happened.

Don’t eat the spoiled food, says the Buddha.  It belongs to your host.

Dr. Checklist admits that “No one really ever has control.”

Do you think you might take a quote from the Lúnyǔ of Kǒngzǐ more seriously than a quote introduced by “Confucius says”?

Mary Oliver’s “In Blackwater Woods” is a perfect Autumn poem

“Can’t someone ask these survivors to stop wailing and move on.” Aid worker in Rwanda.

If this country worked like the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, we wouldn’t have an Ebola czar.

What if you can’t walk on water?

Metaphor, metonymy, and figuring out what we’re doing … or not.


Open close open.

Open closed open: the poem

When are we finished?

Levinas on coming to an end without coming to an end..


Things fall apart.

Struggling with God 47 years ago.

Notes on what I saw one Saturday Morning.

Who was I? and other inappropriate attentions.

Who was I? and other inappropriate attentions.

Dominicans, Docetists, Dogma and Doubt.


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