Some like it hot.

Anne Mei and I are waiting in the Philadelphia Airport to board our flight to Madrid, Spain.  As hot as it’s been on the U.S. East Coast these past few days, Madrid has been, is, and will be even hotter this coming week.  Running about 100° F.  It will only be in the high 80s when we get to Barcelona on Thursday.  In the meantime we’re looking forward to visiting with Carlos Escartin and his family while we’re in Madrid.  Those of you familiar with the saga of Laura’s terminal illness will remember that Carlos came to visit Laura in Griggstown the week after Thanksgiving 2009.  Carlos was in Boston on a business trip.  He flew down to New York and hired a cab to drive him to Griggstown, where he had the cab wait for him during his five hour visit.  Even though Laura was failing as we were waiting for her to start her clinical trial at the National Cancer Institute, she brightened up for Carlos’ visit.  I was taking “pictures” of the two of them laughing as Carlos showed Laura pictures of his children on his phone.  Later I realized I’d actually had the camera set to video so these “pictures” turned out to be short videos including a lovely one of Laura laughing.  We’re looking forward to laughing with Carlos and his family no matter how hot it gets in Madrid.


  1. Enjoy your trip. My daughter comes home from her year in Spain in two weeks and wants to move there forever. I hear it is a magical place.

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