Still here

It’s been a month since my last post, and will be at least another week before my next substantive item.  I’ve been procrastinating about dealing with a message from WordPress that I need to update the PHP on my website.  I thought it was going involve some complicated coding.  But, no.  I just needed to pay more money to my web hosting company for them to do it.  Now I have to wait a week for them to “migrate” my site.  Don’t ask me what PHP is or what’s migrating. But I can say this.  While I was struggling to follow the jargon that the Website Palace techie was spouting, I did calculate what it was going to cost me (the cost of the new PHP minus what I’d already paid for the old PHP) in my head while he was fumbling around with those numbers.

In the meantime, in the aftermath of the Barr rendition of the Mueller report I’m reflecting on Chogyam Trungpa’s aphorism: Chaos should be regarded as extremely good news.  Even an alcoholic womanizer has an insight now and then.

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