Three weeks later.

#Bionic man. 2.10.  Wednesday, April 20, 2016.  My knee replacement operation was three weeks ago today.  My surgeon cleared me to drive when he saw me last week.  Until then Gale had been driving me around and helping at home.  She’s back home in Philadelphia now, and I’m missing our card and Scrabble games.  When I was in St. Lawrence Rehab, PT consisted mostly of putting me through an exercise routine, which I am still continuing.  Outpatient PT involves more hands-on manipulation of my knee and leg to loosen the skin and tissue so that I can bend my knee more.  Although I continue to hurt much less than after my hip replacement, the pain continues to keep waking me every hour through the night.  So some days I feel like a zombie.  I walk like one, too.  Not mentally alert enough yet for serious reading, but I have been enjoying the Omar Yussef mysteries by Matt Rees.  Have finished two so far.  The Collaborator of Bethlehem and A Grave in Gaza.  I enjoy being able to describe the Palestinian protagonist of these stories as a real mensch, who takes on some really bad actors among his own people.

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