A simple song for simple feeling

When Anne Mei asked me to pick a song for our first dance, I first thought of Lyle Lovett’s Walk through the Bottomland.  The first line is about a New Jersey lady falling in love.  Anne Mei grew up in New Jersey.  Even though her bride Katie grew up near Boston, she has the energy of the cowgirl who stole Anne Mei’s heart away, as in the song.  But I can never remember how to do the Texas two-step.  In fact, as I told Anne Mei, I’m such a bad dancer that my mother wouldn’t dance with me.

So I thought of one of my all time favorite songs, another one by Lyle Lovett, A Simple Song.  Not only is it slower to dance to, the last verse captures one of the most important aspects of love and marriage.

So hear my words with faith and passion
For what I say to you is true
And when you find the one you might become
Remember part of me is you
Remember part of me is you

I used that last line in my toast at the reception.


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