Allegro for Grandpa

We’re out in Southfield, MI, visiting Anne Mei’s grandparents, Joe and Sophia Rivkin.  Joe turned 100 just after Thanksgiving.  He’s been in hospice for about two months now.  So Anne Mei brought her music to his room, playing two Telemann pieces: the Viola Concerto and the Duet in Bb major.  She played the second piece about a year ago at Syracuse, and here is recording of that performance.

She did not have any accompaniment today, but her playing drew in nurses from down the hall.  After playing for her grandfather, Anne Mei went to the apartment of Sophia’s sister Anna to play for her great aunt and some of her friends.   The music certainly added some cheer to a grey winter day in Michigan.



  1. Right on Anne Mei!
    Carolina gets a once per week visit from a female guitarist with a voice that reminds me of Pete Seeger. She reacts to the sound of live music much more so than recorded music.

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