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On the Feast of St. Nicholas I drove up to Syracuse to attend another semester-end concert with the Baroque Ensemble at the Setnor School of Music.  In the Spring concert Anne Mei’s viola blended into a group of six instrumentalists and three singers.  Last night she stood up front to carry most of the music. In the program her piece was titled a “Duet in Bb Major for Viola and Continuo,” but the cello and harpsichord mostly provided accompaniment.  Very lovely all the same.  Anouk Lemomand played cello and Dr. Joseph Downing, the harpsichord.    The program notes gave the title of the piece as “The Sonata in Canon, TWV 41:B3,” by George Philipp Telemann.  You can listen to the Allegro movement here.


For the entire performance, click here.

In addition to Telemann, the other familiar composer on the program was Scarlatti.  One of the things I like about these Baroque Ensemble programs is hearing the music of less familiar composers.  Last night we heard compositions by Giovanni Alberto Ristori, Antonio Lotti, Dario Castello, Bonafacio Graziani, Agostina Steffani, and Giulio Caccini.  Now that I look at it, Telemann was the only non-Italian on the program.  Here is a beautiful movement from a Castello sonata played by two flutes, Dana Cloud and Andre Solomon..


Laura loved the lights of Hanukkah and Christmas, but not quite as much as she loved Anne Mei’s music, which brings her back to us every time.


  1. Thanks for this news of Anne Mei and all the thoughts of Laura you evoke. Warm wishes from the west coast (am spending sabbatical year at Stanford)

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