Behind the headlines

Today’s request was to drive a Princeton resident who’d been told to report a week from Monday “with his luggage,”  meaning he’s going to be deported.  The message continued.  “Also we need temporary custody paperwork!!!  He has a 7 year old girl (also undoc).  So far they haven’t said anything about her.”  He wants his sister to have custody of the girl, but both adults work three jobs and can’t come in during regular office hours to get their paperwork notarized.  Both parent and custody person have to be physically present to execute the papers.  Fortunately one of our volunteers is a notary and can meet with them tomorrow evening.  I did not step up immediately to drive because I’m already committed to take another mother from Trenton on Monday next to a check-in similar to the last one I did.  After someone else volunteered, I started to wonder how I would feel about driving someone to be deported and leave his daughter behind.  As a single father of a daughter, I can imagine how he must feel.

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