Bionic man revisited

It’s almost been two months since my last post, but I’ve been busy working on “no-self care,” as promised in a post earlier in March.  In a little less than two weeks, on June 8, I’m going to have my right knee replaced.  The left knee was done in 2016.  At the time I wrote a series of posts about that experience.  It was called Bionic Man.  Hopefully this time will be déjà vu all over again so I won’t have to bore you with many details, or alert you to any more midnight trips to the ER.  Unlike 2016, I will be going straight home from the hospital.  My sister Sara is coming to stay with me the first week so that I won’t have to go into a rehab facility again.  Nurses and physical therapists will be coming to the apartment the first weeks.  After that I can go to the PT facility just a few blocks away.

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