Breaking free

Took a bitter cold walk down the Parkway this afternoon to finally see the statue of Harriett Tubman outside City Hall.  Most of the pictures in the media show Ms Harriett from the front, or from her right side.  In both views you can study her look of fierce determination and the fear on the face of the child she is leading to freedom.  This afternoon I was able to walk around to the back.  You can see more of the figure and the dress of the girl, which are obscured by Ms Harriett’s flowing skirt in the other view.  From this side, you see the strength and the strain of both bodies in flight.  You can study the contrast between Harriett’s heavy boots and the child’s bare feet.  But most of all.  A detail that’s not apparent from the front. In the dirt behind them, the shackles and chains that Ms Harriett has broken to free the child.


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