Chinga te, Sapo Debajo

I knew it was going to be a bad weekend when I received an email from my credit card company Friday morning asking whether I really wanted to buy $1,000 worth of stuff in Hong Kong.  Charge cancelled.  Credit card cancelled.  Now I have to notify all the vendors with monthly charges against that card of the new card number.  A pain in the you-know-what.

Later that morning my daughter Bibi called to say that her brother Joe was in University Hospital in San Antonio, putting the credit card business in its proper perspective.  As Joe’s mother would often say on days like this, the Under Toad was out.

Joe has been on my mind lately.  I posted this picture and caption on Facebook for his birthday at the end of March.

This Texas good ol’ boy votes Democratic and has fun arguing with Republicans in support of Obamacare. You’d have to know the multiple layers of his wit to understand his comment about the bad weather his parents have been having in NJ this March. “Spring came on time when Obama was President.” Happy Birthday, Joe.

In April, we had the following exchange on this picture I posted in FB.

Joe Daly,  I personally think he should go for it.  Yolo.
Kenneth Daly Why was I thinking of you when I saw this picture?

These give you a bit of the flavor of Joe.  He lives in the Hill Country north of San Antonio with his four dogs.  Three are pit bulls.  Joe always takes the alpha male, Bubba, with him when goes to his jobs as an auto mechanic. Not just for company, but more to keep Bubba out of trouble.

Bubba does not get along with his son Junior.  Friday morning Joe woke to the sounds of Bubba and Junior going at it again outside his trailer.  He rushed out in his underwear to break up the fight, something he has done before, and something for which he has scars to remind him not to do.  For whatever reasons, including the fog of waking up, Joe tried to separate Bubba and Junior again.

This time the consequences have put Joe in the hospital.  He’s lost the index finger on his left hand, and his right elbow is mangled.  As I’m writing this on Sunday evening, Joe is probably coming out his second surgery.  We’ll find out more after that on the extent of the damage and the outlook for rehab.

To add insult to injury, Joe’s cell phone (with all his business contacts) was lost or stolen while he was in the ER on Friday. These can be replaced.  We’re just glad that however severe his injuries, we still have Joe.  He can’t be replaced.


  1. And so it goes. Never know that the next moment will bring, much less the next day.
    I’m sure he’ll be okay if he’s as resilient as his dad.

  2. I was really sorry to hear this sad news. I sure wish him the best recovery possible.

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