Winston Churchill hated South Asians.  All the quotes in the post were taken from:

Madhusree Mukerjee. Churchill’s Secret War: The British Empire and the Ravaging of India during World War II. New York: Basic Books, 2010.

Churchill’s famine in the areas now in and near Bangladesh killed 5 million people by starvation and disease.  It was not the first nor the worst famine during the British Raj.  Here is a table from Wikipedia.

YearName of famineMortality
1769-70Great Bengal Famine10 million. (about one third of the then population of Bengal).
1783-84Chalisa famine11 million people may have died during the years 1782-84. Severe famine. Large areas were depopulated.
1791-92Doji bara famine or Skull famine11 million people may have died during the years 1788-94. One of the most severe famines known. People died in such numbers that they could not be cremated or buried.
1837-38Agra famine of 1837-380.8 million (or 800,000).
1860-61Upper Doab famine of 1860-612 million.
1865-67Orissa famine of 18661 million (814,469 in Orissa, 135,676 in Bihar and 10,898 in Ganjam)
1868-70Rajputana famine of 18691.5 million (mostly in the princely states of Rajputana)
1873-74Bihar famine of 1873-740.0 million. An extensive relief effort was organized by the Bengal government. There were little to none significant mortalities during the famine.
1876-78Great Famine of 1876-78 (also Southern India famine of 1876-78)5.5 million in British territory. Mortality unknown for princely states. Total famine mortality estimates vary from 6.1 to 10.3 million.
1896-97Indian famine of 1896-975 million in British territory.
1899-1900Indian famine of 1899-19001 million (in British territories). Mortality unknown for princely states.
1943-44Bengal famine of 19431.5 million from starvation; 3.5 million including deaths from epidemics.