Don’t just do something, stand there.

From tomorrow,  Wednesday August 1, 2018, until Sunday August 5, I will be at a silent retreat at the St. Francis Center for Renewal in Bethlehem, PA.  This link tells you what the retreat is about.

The hardest part won’t be keeping the silence as will having no books, no writing, no computers, or cell phone.  I hardly watch TV anymore so I won’t miss that.  As Laura predicted, however, I’ve been spending my retirement reading and scribbling.  I’m not sure how she would have reacted to the addition of trouble-making to my agenda.  I am sure that my ears would have been burning when she came home from work on the day I marched with the Poor People’s Campaign outside the building where she used to work.

Speaking of reading and scribbling, despite my erratic postings on this blog, I have been working steadily on an essay that is becoming book-length.  I have it all outlined and have research notes for all the chapters.  I just have to restrain my OCD to read everything on a topic before I feel I can say anything about it.  Just to show that I’m not just binge watching streaming videos when I’m not making trouble, here’s a link to the introduction to the essay so you can have an idea of what it’s about. I don’t expect it will be a bestseller.

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