Go Phillies!

The last time the Phillies were playing for the National League pennant was 2010.  They lost.  They won the World Series in 2008.  I wasn’t paying much attention on the day they won because Laura was home profoundly sick at the end of her first course of radiation treatment.  When she recovered a bit, she was quite happy to hear about the Phillies’ victory.

When the Phillies were in the 2009 World Series, we were traveling into Philadelphia again for Laura’s last “Hail Mary” round of avastin.  The staff in the infusion center were buzzing with excitement on game days.  Again, I didn’t pay much attention on the day they lost game 6 and the series.  That was the day of the final “kiss off” from her oncologist who told her that there was nothing more they could do for her at Jefferson.  I was told to look for clinical trials, on my own with no directions as to where to look.  Just a web site URL.

As much as I want to see the Phillies make it to the World Series this year, this postseason is bringing back hard memories.  I don’t dwell on them because I’m as surprised and happy as others that the Phillies have made it this far. In the same way, I’m glad that I still have Laura’s Phillies hat to wear to support the team.




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