Happy Thanksgiving

Sorry that I’ve been somewhat irregular lately on drivingwithnohands posts.  In addition to posting a few stories on Wattpad, I’ve been immersed in filling out financial aid forms for Anne Mei’s college applications.  Now we’re off to Southfield, Michigan for Thanksgiving with Laura’s parents and family.  We hope that you all enjoy your Thanksgiving as much as we will ours.

More posts soon on Améry, Nietzsche, Lièzĭ, Zhuāngzǐ, and the “unvirtues.”  And perhaps about my pursuit last night (after the Ferguson grand jury announcement) for a sutta on lovingkindness that turned up one that mentioned the police of the Koliyans, who did not have a very good reputation.  (SN 42.13)  But they only appear as an example the Buddha uses to make a point about how other teachers misrepresented him.  As for his main teaching in this sutta, let me quote one passage that’s relevant to our current state of affairs:

[Having] abandoned the destruction of life, the noble disciple abstains from the destruction of life.  … Having abandoned false speech, he abstains from false speech.  Having abandoned divisive speech, he abstains from divisive speech.  Having abandoned harsh speech, he abstains from harsh speech.  Having abandoned idle chatter, he abstains from idle chatter. … Then, that noble disciple … dwells pervading one quarter with a mind imbued with lovingkindness, likewise the second quarter, the third quarter, and the fourth quarter.  Thus above, below, across, and everywhere, and to all as to himself, he dwells pervading the entire world with a mind imbued with lovingkindness, vast, exalted, measureless, without hostility, without ill will.

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