Has anyone heard a word about the people of Aleppo this week?

I realized today (Thursday, January 19) that I’ve been so wrapped up in what’s going on in the United States that I haven’t given a thought to what’s happened to all the civilians left in or driven out of Aleppo.  Then I met with my Gambian ESL student this morning.  He said that he’d been crying all weekend because his family has had to flee to Senegal because of the threat of war.  Now tonight’s headlines broadcast his worst fears: “Senegal sends troops into Gambia to force longtime leader to step down.”  As a West African he knows what it means to “Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war”.  Whatever the reason for which they were sent, he said soldiers will just pillage whatever they can take from people who are already destitute.  Or worse.

In an earlier post about my plan for 2017, I said that I was going to observe the eight precepts tomorrow as a minor contribution to spiritual healing in this country.  I should have and will now include in my intentions the people of Gambia and Syria and the countless others around the world (and here) who face immediate peril.

As part of this observance, I will not be monitoring this blog, nor the internet, nor TV, nor the phone.  I will respond to any messages after the Women’s March on Philadelphia on Saturday.

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