Has anyone seen my brain?

The view from my bedroom window at our new apartment.  Not that I have a bed yet.  Anne Mei moved in yesterday, but I’m not coming with all our Princeton impedimenta until next week.  Will be running back and forth between Princeton and Philadelphia in between.  Still more packing to do.  (That is the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the picture.  They’ve moved the statue of Rocky to the bottom of the steps in an area obscured by the trees on the right.)

Saturday night Sunday morning, Anne Mei and her friend Katie had a night from hell.  Flights into Newark delayed because of thunderstorms, etc.  They didn’t get into Newark until 4:43 am, and home until 7:30 am.  They were exhausted, and I didn’t get much sleep either.  But the move had to go on because Anne Mei starts at Penn today.

As bad as the night before was, Sunday went very smoothly for us until I got back to Princeton.  As I walked away from the Enterprise lot, where I had left the truck we used for the move, I realized I didn’t have my cell phone in my pocket.  Sure enough, when I went back to the truck, there was the phone on the seat.  Slight problem.  I had locked the truck and put the keys in the drop box.

Up early this morning to get to Enterprise before they opened.  Panic as I drove into the lot and saw that the truck was not where I’d left it the night before.  As I walked over to the garage where a man was washing a car, the manager came running out with my phone in his hand.  What relief!

I chalk that mistake up to sheer exhaustion.  Last week, however, I managed to lose my checkbook and my datebook while I was sorting and disposing of boxes of papers.  I’ve waited long enough to accept that they’re not going to turn up as misplaced.  As someone who spent his working life in offices processing paperwork, I blame a rookie mistake.  After a few years experience, I would tell people not to work on papers on top of others papers on their desk.  Papers get mixed up, put into wrong files, or worse.  And that’s what I did last week.  I put the paper bags into which I was putting stuff for recycling on top of the corner of the table where I kept bills, checkbook, and calendar handy.  I must have just swept up the checkbook and calendar into one or more of those bags.  Oh, well.  Nothing that can’t be restored.  Can’t say the same about this old brain.



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