July 5, 2016. More reading and scribbling.

This blog started in late January 2014. At first the posts explored the story and the meaning of four statements made by my late wife Laura Rivkin during her terminal illness. The story of her illness can be found through the links listed under Laura’s story in posts at the top of this page. The posts about these statements can be read through the links in the first four categories under Archive of posts by category. Over time these explorations led me to other topics which are categorized in the same Archive. The list at the top also provides links to posts about two trips taken in 2015.

The origin of the name for this blog is explained in Driving with No Hands: The Backstory. Reading and Scribbling: the story explains the title of this page.

As the name Driving with No Hands indicates, this blog has focused mostly on the Daoist concept of doing by not doing and the Buddhist concepts of no-self and impermanence. Lately, and for the foreseeable future, most posts concern recent events in my life, with the occasional philosophical reflection.