Life changes quickly. This time for the good.

The other day I posted about hearing Cinthia Osorio for the first time at the Poor People’s Campaign event in Trenton.  During her talk she spoke about her cancer diagnosis.  I asked readers to contribute to her treatment.  Well, good news!  She posted this announcement in Facebook yesterday.

Fun fact: on March 19, 2018 I was diagnosed with stage II type A Hodgkin’s lymphoma. After four rounds of chemo, tears, blood, two surgeries, a bunch of medications, going through various emotions on May 23rd, 2018 I was finally to hear the four words, “ you are in remission”
Words cannot begin to explain how thankful I am for ALL of those who reached out to me, who prayed for me, who sent good vibes my way, who sent me a card, went to chemo with me, made me food, visited me etc. I could not have done it without the incredible support of everyone.
I did it.

Some people take the ever-changing dynamics of life as a source of dissatisfaction.  In this case, it’s an occasion for joy.  And, as Diane DiPrima says in the quote I append to my emails now.

ALL POWER TO JOY, which will remake the world.
Revolutionary Letter #51

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