Make Assyria great again!

This is not a commentary on current events in the United States.  It’s just a snarky summary of the plot of Rossini’s opera Semiramide.

I’m not drawing any parallels between the machinations in the court of Queen Semiramide  to today’s events in Washington, even if she is an unscrupulous, narcissistic diva.  After all, we have not seen anything as fantastic as the ghost of a dead king appearing in a cloud of smoke announced by thunder, lightning, and earthquakes.   But I must admit hearing a line like one that’s been making the rounds during the past year.

Regnar forse un dì potrai,
Ma giammai sarai mio re.

You may sit on a throne one day,
but you shall never be my king.

My main comment on this afternoon’s viewing of the Metropolitan Opera in the Cinema is to agree with Gale that the best part is Rossini’s magnificent overture.  Here’s a link.  Enjoy.


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