Matthias Baldwin Park

I walked over to Matthias Baldwin Park this afternoon.  Another scorcher.  I discovered the park on one of my walks during the lockdown in May.  Gale and I met there the next week.  We were still just meeting in parks at the proper distance.

It’s a small park, tucked into the area between Logan Square and Spring Garden.  In the Spring it was full of lovely flowers among various rock formations placed with design throughout the park.  As I walked up 18th Street to the park today, it seemed as though the summer heat had emptied the landscape of flowers so I was pleased when I approached the middle section to find a large bloom of black-eyed susans. (This time I didn’t put my finger over the lens.)    On the 19th Street side of the central circle the black-eyed susans were tucked among other summer flowers at the foot of one of the rock formations.

I avoided going out for walks last week because of the heat, but my walks yesterday and today have been invigorating, as long as I pace myself, and keep finding black-eyed susans.




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