Meditative activism

Bright sunny day in Philadelphia today (February 9, 2020).  But cold in the shade.  That’s where we were this afternoon in Love Park for the Extinction Rebellion meditation mob.  That’s me on the far left of the picture all bundled up, with my hoodie up.  The young woman standing towards the right led us in three short sessions over the course of an hour.  I generally don’t do well with guided meditations, but she did a good job in helping us focus despite the cold and all the city noises.  Here’s a write-up about today’s meditation mob around the world.  It’s from a midwest XR group.


XR chapters from all over the world are coming together for a meditation mob! A meditation mob is similar to a flash mob, where people come together and do an action simultaneously together.

A spiritual revolution is needed to address our climate crisis. We are all connected on this planet. Our actions reverberate across the globe. Our planet is alive, and we need to reconnect to this living planet if we are going to survive. In meditating together we hope to embrace our empathy for all living things, to come together in love and peace in a world that is incredibly chaotic. You are not alone. Your actions matter. Your voice matters. Your heart matters. You can make a difference, and together we can do amazing and beautiful things.

This is about regenerative culture, and how even in meditation we can make a difference. Imagine thousands, or even millions, coming together every month to meditate on peace, love, and a better world.

So far the places joining are:


XR Philadelphia,Pennsylvania

Lumberton,New Jersey

XR Tucson,Arizona

XR Berlin,Germany

XR Kentucky

XR Bloomington,Indiana

XR Twin Cities

XR Austin,Texas

XR Baltimore, Maryland

XR Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania

XR Ithaca, New York

XR Vermont
XR Kansas City
XR Miami,Florida
XR San Mateo,California
XR Mexico City,Mexico
XR Santa Cruz, California
XR Stuttgart,Germany
XR Bern,Switzerland
Mount Holly,New Jersey
XR Heidelberg,Germany

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