Mr. President, Don’t Backtrack, Step Up and Recognize the Rohingya

Please help us to reach 100,000 signatures!  Urge Barack Obama to use the term #Rohingya when he visits #Myanmar this November!  #Burma   Click here to sign.

In your 2012 trip to Myanmar, you made an extraordinary powerful statement about a highly persecuted ethnic group in Burma, demonstrating your humanity and the American resolve for human rights. You stated, “Rohingyas… hold within themselves the same dignity as you do, and I do.”

For your upcoming Burma trip in November 2014 please build on your previous approach by continuing to use the name “Rohingyas” publicly. Please do not follow the example of Secretary of State Kerry who did not utter the word “Rohingya” in his August 2014 trip, exactly what the Burmese government wants.

President Obama, please ask the Burmese president to restore citizenship to Rohingya living in their ancestral land; to close all concentration camps; and eliminate the 12 laws discriminating against Rohingya.

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