Note to self: don’t chicken out.

#Bionic man 2.1.  Saturday, March 26, 2016.  As my sister Kate said when she called yesterday, the countdown has begun.  I’m scheduled to report for knee replacement surgery at Princeton Medical Center early Wednesday morning, March 30.  As I’ve mentioned before, both my knees need to be done this year and it is likely that my left hip will need replacement soon thereafter.  My right hip was replaced in 1997 with a revision in 2003.  That’s why I’m categorizing this series of posts as “Bionic man 2.”

Despite some incidents this past year when walking around New York City, I’ve been having second thoughts about whether I really need this surgery.  I waited almost 10 years to have my hip surgery.  By the time it was done I was in constant pain, even when sitting on a heating pad.  I needed a cane to buffer the pain when moving around.  This time I only feel pain when I walk for more than a four or five blocks.  If I don’t move, I don’t feel pain.  That “solution” is not good for my overall health.  Still I was seriously debating canceling this operation yesterday.  My walk to CVS pharmacy this morning (0.4 mile each way) reminded me not to be fooled.  Despite what I think while sitting on the recliner, my knees are not ok.

I also need to remember that I haven’t been able to go to tai chi class for more than a month.  As gentle as tai chi movements are, pain made it difficult for me to concentrate after 15 minutes.  Standing meditation, which I love, is out of the question.

This post is just a note to myself not to chicken out.


  1. Wishing you well. “Chicken” and “Ken Daly”–those two just don’t go together. Good luck.

  2. Except that your surgery is this week, and not next, after the program begins… it will be fine, because all of the facilities have had months to prepare. Right! 🙂

  3. You picked a perfect time to do this. April 1 marks the start of the CMS Innovation Center’s care delivery model for lower limb joint replacement (that’s your knee!), which creates incentives for better care coordination for hospitals across the country, beyond immediate discharge from your inpatient stay. New Jersey hospitals are in this model – and they should be, given how many joint replacements happen in New Jersey among Medicare beneficiaries. Good luck — we will be thinking of you.

  4. Git ‘er dun, Ken. We’re all in the same boat, and the rest of us–still intact and otherwise–are cheering you on. Besides, bionic joints are the new “Come Alive Gray.”

  5. Dear Ken,
    I am thinking of you. These countdown days must be really hard. I was just speaking with my mother, and we were both sending our thoughts your way.
    With love,

  6. You were my inspiration when I had my hip replaced last year. I told myself that if you could get through it twice with little to no complaining, I could get through it too. You are in my thoughts.

  7. Don’t chicken out, buddy! You can do it. And other such nostrums–but they make sense. Good luck with the surgery!

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