Sometimes you win some.

In what seems like a lifetime ago, back at the beginning of February before the pandemic lockdown, I wrote about Philly Thrive and the fight of the Gray’s Ferry/Point Breeze neighborhoods to stop the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery from continuing to foul the air and the water, destroying their lives and health.  The story of their struggle and ultimate victory this Spring has made the front page of Sunday’s New York Times Magazine.  This week the group is having a series of meetings (Zoom and in person) to brainstorm and plan their next campaign aimed at making sure that the new developer of the refinery site builds environmentally friendly facilities and brings jobs and a better quality of life to the neighborhoods.  It was really hard last night for the group on Zoom to think of an objective as clear and direct as the one that guided that last campaign: unite Philadelphia in support of our right to breathe.  It will be interesting to hear what all the groups have come up with when they convene (on Zoom) next Friday.  In the meantime, the neighbors are all glowing with new possibilities, and newfound celebrity.


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