Now we’ve reached the hard part, the part where the karma of the past flows more strongly than ever.  Objectively, I knew that our new apartment is 300 square feet smaller than the one in Princeton.  That meant sorting through and getting rid of files, books, and furniture.  You’ve read all about that process.  Once we got here, however, I realized that I had not anticipated how much less shelf and closet space we have, not simply fewer shelves and closets, but more narrow and shallow.  In the end, more books will have to go to make space on the book shelves for large mixing, serving, and salad bowls and plates, not to speak of all the lovely Spanish plates and bowls that Laura had collected.  Or my collection of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

No complaints.  All part of the process of letting go in order to live lightly.




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