It’s been a while since I’ve posted in this blog.  I have been busy working on what’s becoming a long essay on Buddhist philosophy.  I’m going to continue to put my energy into that project, but I do want to start recording more of daily living here.  (Pun intended.)

Toto turned 14 at the beginning of June.  More gimpy, but still plays like a puppy with a beach ball.  Anne Mei turns 21 in a week.  Good thing I’ve been through that transition before, even though it’s been a while.  A second offspring of mine turned 50 last month.  Since I didn’t like the big HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY sign that was posted outside my office door when I turned 50, I shall not name names.  Hard to believe that was 23 years ago.

I start a new kind of teaching tomorrow.  My first student who cannot read or write in Spanish and so can’t take ESL yet.  Another such student to start soon.  Still working on literacy with my Gambian student, and ESL with my Ukrainian and Sri Lankan students.  Also going to Princeton Insight Meditation on Monday evenings regularly.


  1. You are our example of using your wonderful mind and skills to work and understand
    outsiders in this society. Love to you. sophia

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