There goes one lucky ant.

A large black ant walked across the off-white rug in the sitting room upstairs in the Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery.   I didn’t interrupt the ESL lesson because I knew that Bhante Ariyadewa wouldn’t want to hurt it … anywhere, much less in the monastery.  I couldn’t help but wonder if the ant knew that this was one of the few houses in New Jersey where he could get away with this.


  1. The glass and paper method is reserved for moths, crickets, and, lightning bugs. Spiders and centipedes get smushed and flushed!

  2. The only reason, in my mind, to hurt or kill any other fellow creature on this planet is if that creature is attacking you — e.g., mosquitos can live unless embedded in my arm.

    (A side benefit is that taking insects outside by putting a glass over them and sliding piece of paper under the glass, is much less messy than schmusching it!)

    But there can be no self-righteousness in this way of living, because, for example, we kill thousands of insects just by driving our cars. So do-no-harm is an objective, not a state-of-being.

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