Toto is not on Paris time.

So why did she wake me up at 4:30 am Princeton time?  She didn’t need to be taken out, and now is sleeping peacefully on the couch.  My body, however, was still back in Paris and said it was 10:30 am.  Time to wake up, no matter how I tried to get back sleep.  Oh, well.  At least there’s still lots of laundry to do.

In an earlier post I had suggested that I might read serious books on the flight back.  It turned out to be hard to turn pages without hitting the sardine crammed in next to me.  I ended up watching three movies.  Woman in Gold was the best.  A bit manipulative, but I always like movies where the little gal wins.  Helen Mirren may have headlined, but for my money Tatiana Mislany as her twenty-something self should have received more credit.  I keep trying to quit watching Maslany’s sci-fi series on BBC Orphan Black, but it’s become an addiction.  She plays more than half a dozen cloned characters in that series.  The silliest movie was Hot Pursuit with Reese Witherspoon and Sophia Vergara.  I laughed.  Enough said.  The stupidest movie was Edge of Tomorrow, which ended ironically in the context of our trip with Tom Cruise blowing up the pyramid at the Louvre.  More than enough said.  It was past my Paris bedtime by then.

My question for today is whether planning ahead is the same as fretting about the future.  Once we arrived home yesterday afternoon, we quickly transitioned into the mode of getting ready for Anne Mei to move to college in a few weeks.  I keep thinking about what life will be like when it’s just Toto and me in this apartment.

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