Who knew the healing power of jello salad?

The first time Laura took me into a supermarket in Frankfort on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan twenty years ago, I was amazed at the number and variety of jello salads and molds for sale in the deli department.  A midwest thing, I guessed.  Her mother told me yesterday that they are not so readily available these days.  So she made her own jello salad with sliced peaches for our supper last night.  Her 99 year old father finished off what was left in the bowl after we’d all taken our share.

We’d been worried about how Joe would do after his stay in the hospital and nursing facility.  Well, this morning Joe got himself out of bed.  And after breakfast he played Scrabble with me.  He’s definitely doing better each day that he’s at home.  Personally, I think the jello salad gave him an extra boost.


  1. Glad to hear it Laura’s dad is home and improving. But hate to tell you when my sister lived in Roanoke they were called congealed salads. Sounds pretty nasty, and don’t think something called that could possibly restore you to good health!

  2. I know Glen’s Market well! And they still sell the jello molds there. One note — I am puzzled by the characterization of the “eastern shore of Lake Michigan”? I love the sunsets over the pier in Frankfort — we face west!

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